Sunday, June 1, 2014

Small Town Charm

SH: My time in Castiglion Fiorentino is quickly flying by. The small town is adorable and the locals are all very welcoming and friendly. Everywhere I look there is another beautiful view that pictures do not do justice. The food at the center is delicious and a lot of the ingredients are grown locally. We went to the farmers market on Friday and tried some different fruits and cheeses that were very tasty.
We have explored the town looking for various foods and I am amazed at all of the flowers growing everywhere.
     There are walls of flowers, pots of flowers, and fruit trees on every corner. I can't help but to stop and smell the roses every chance I get. On one doorstep somebody had turned an old pair of boots into a flower pot and I loved the idea. I may try to replicate the look for my house in College Station. 

     We have visited Cortona, Florence, Arezzo and Orvieto so far and the views from each city are unique and gorgeous. The wide expanses of trees, fields and the occasional castle leaves little left to wish for in a view. The fact that many of these towns are over 3000 years old blows my mind. The detail on the buildings, especially on the Cathedrals, is unbelievable. 

  This week is busy with trips to some wineries and pizza making classes. I am very excited to learn about the vineyards and also how to make my own pizza the Italian way. Can't wait to see what new adventures this week brings! 

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