Thursday, June 26, 2014

Palm Trees and Positano are Oh-So-Wonderful

Alexis M.: The day after we visited the island of Capri, I traveled with a small group to the town of Positano that is situated on the Amalfi Coast. We only spent approximately 3 hours there, but it took hold of my heart for sure:

When we arrived and descended from the bus, we were met with an outstanding view of beautiful mountains, numerous boats floating in the water, and bougainvillea vines everywhere. I have a bougainvillea plant back in Texas so seeing it definitely reminded me of home.

After that we needed a place to store our luggage, so we went on a search and quickly found a nice hostel that kindly offered us assistance. From there we decided to walk around and shop a little bit. As we made our way deeper and deeper into the town, the views just kept getting better and better. As we looked around we saw tons of gorgeous palm trees, more bougainvillea, and lots of greenery. I loved it all!

We made our way to the bottom of the town and then decided that we needed to head back to Castiglion because we had such a long train ride ahead of us. Our time in Positano was short but I will remember it forever!

Macy, Adrienne, Bethany, Me, and Sarah!



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