Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It was a Steak and Ferrari Kinda Day

   I have achieved the pinnacle. I have found my happy place. Today I woke up and took off. I left the dirty stig to check out Maranello and Modena, The birth place of the Ferrari. This car is a consummation of a mechanicals engineers dream. This finely tuned beast of a machine is part midlife crisis, part work of art, part most fun toy you can ever have, but all badass. I hit a few snags getting up the Maranello but eventually got up there. Sadly I was not able to tour the actual manufacturing factory. I had not realized it but you must book those tours a couple days in advance. Luckily I was still able to tour the formula 1 museum which was awesome in its own right. I thought it was particular neat how the chassis look so much like jets. I thought it was also neat how you could see how the experiment data acquired from air flow analyses was incorporated into the designs throughout the years. The best part about the trip up north though was the splurging on test driving a Ferrari. It was defiantly worth the splurge and something I won’t soon forget.

    The Icing on top of my day of man cake was my dinner in Florence. I got in and booked a hotel room and decided that today was going to be my steak and wine night. I had been telling myself I was going to have a nice dinner and the nice bottle of wine and tonight was that night. I got Steak Florentine, 2.6 lb of glorious red meat, and a bottle on Brunello de Montecino. This was my splurge day and I am not sorry about it. This was the best meal I had had in a long time. I unleashed my inner obese, diabetic American and ate the whole thing, bottle of wine and all. Today was a good day and I am thankful for the experience. Until next time, who is John Gault?

C. Siller

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