Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Another Side of Italy

            On our two-day trip to Northern Italy and Switzerland, our first stop was Lago Maggiore around the city of Stresa. As soon as we arrived, I immediately recognized the neoclassical style in town and expressed in the palace on Isola Bella. Everything had such a distinctively clean and pure look to it that I couldn’t help but fall in love with the architecture. While walking through each room, I observed the pastel colors used. It added a sense of luxury and simplicity to the appearance. One observation I did take note on was the wall designs and paintings that incorporated floral design. From oil paintings to the wallpaper, each room displayed a different form of floral artwork. As we made our way to the garden, I wished more and more that I could just live there. There were countless numbers of shrubs and trees as well as stunning multicolored Hydrangeas growing in pots. Alongside the potted plants, many other colorful flowers popped out from the sides of the steps. There was even an atrium on the side of the palace that we were able to stroll through. Surrounded by the classiness of the palace and the luscious landscaping, I appreciated every second of our visit and can only hope to some day have a garden just as exquisite.  KLM

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