Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blog #4, Coming To Ya From The Stig!: Florence -> Pisa -> Cinque Terre

This past week has had to have been one of my favorite thus far, without a doubt. Quick preview: I Gardened, I Uffizi-ed, I leaned, and I most definitely Cinqued. 

Once again, we were in Florence and this time we saw the wonderful Boboli Gardens.

After the gardens, we visited the Uffizi museum and saw some of the original works of art that we had previously seen in the Vatican Museum (replicas of course). My favorite had to be the Birth of Venus, and a few others that seemed fun!

 The day after we took a train out to Pisa to be among the hundreds of people all looking like Mimes trying to hold up the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. I obviously had to get my fix in and grab a great photo shoot with the tower and myself. It was something I have always wanted to cross off of my list and I was so glad I finally did!

We finished off the weekend in my favorite part of Italy so far (which I am more than sure will not change). The beach always has my heart no matter what and Cinque Terre had the beach along with hiking trials which is my other favorite! If I ever come back to Italy, which I will, Cinque Terre will be the first and last place I visit again!

Peace, Love, Italia!;)

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