Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Weekend In Venice

   This Weekend we went to Venice, a city with more canals than roads. The big highlights for me on this trip were using a water taxi and just hanging out on a balcony overlooking the main Canal with my buddy Keith R.

    In addition to finding out how nice the city is, I learned how expensive these tourist heavy cities can be. Luckily we were in a semi-large group so we could split the costs of some of the amenities the city had to offer. One such amenity was the use of the famous Venetian waters taxi. Our group, nine of us, was all able to pay less than 10 euro a person and get a private ride from Venice, out to Murano, a small Island known for its glass blowing art. This was a great experience and something about being out on the water always brightens up my day. 

    The next day was a bit more hectic for some but for me was time I could sit back and take it all in. That morning we woke up and eventually made it to Venice. Some went around the city, but my friend Keith and I found a hotel balcony and just hung out while drinking a beer. I feel like this is an important aspect about this travel heavy trip because it gives you time to reflect on what you have seen and keeps you from getting too caught up in seeing everything. Until next time you stay classy internet.

C. Siller

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