Monday, June 9, 2014

Siena with the crew: Italy Blog Number 2


We were off to a quick start following the medieval firework celebration in Castiglion Fiorentino. The next big step in our adventure was going to be located in the remarkably beautiful and historic town of Siena. I immediately became intrigued by Siena’s fascinating and corrupted past, as well as its the current economic, social, and cultural practices. Siena is a town with such a past that it could be made into a Ridley Scott film filled with royal blood, corruption, murders, traitors, and a plethora of plot twists. Before long, I found myself wandering the streets unaccompanied with only an Italian cigar as my accomplice. I retraced the pathways that we had previously walked with our tour guide and I began to take a closer look into some of the more fascinating locations that we were introduced to. 
Santuario di Santa Caterina was the home of Saint Catherine, one of the most influential persons in the history of Christianity, especially Catholicism. Although photography was not permitted in the Santuario di Santa Caterina, I still managed to snap a quick and artsy photo of Saint Catherine's holy statue. In the picture on the left, she is accompanied along side a very common and highly effective ornamental flower in Tuscany named Pelargonium x hortorum, but commonly known as Geranium. The Geranium plant thrives in the warm climate of the Tuscan region and has related varieties that also flourish throughout these environmental conditions. Just as the Geranium and many other native plant species, I am also flourishing amidst the Italian heat. With each day that passes on this trip, I become more and more adapted into the Italian culture. I am a Texan through and through; but Italy will undoubtedly come back to the states with me too. 

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