Monday, June 23, 2014

Rome & Sorrento are meant for me:Italy Blog Number 3


Ciao world! It has been a fast paced month of June and it seems as though it is not slowing down. The past couple of weeks have held host to some of the most intellectually influential as well as beautiful sites that I have ever experienced. Our five day excursion away from Castiglion Fiorentino included a three day trip to historic Rome followed by a weekend stay along the beautiful shores of the Almalfi Coast/Sorrento. The scorching 90 degree heat in Rome was one thing that was immediately felt upon our arrival and continued throughout our stay. We explored some of the most famous sites in Rome including The Coliseum, Vatican City, Vatican Garden, St. Peter's Basilica, Sistine Chapel, Capital of Rome, and other small individual group trips around the city as well. Unsurprisingly, Rome is one of the busiest cities that I have ever stayed in. Although I have never been to New York City, I can not disagree with comparisons and similarities that are brought up between the two. Through all of the people, pollution, and traffic of Rome, there are still many places that were able to extend a more subtle and even divine-like feeling of beauty to me. The Vatican Garden is quite possibly the most stunning place that I have ever been on Earth. The shear amount of time and precision that goes into maintaining such a large and grand garden is a work of art in itself.

The sizzling 90 degree days in Rome, including over 20 miles of walking all together, were a perfect launch pad for most of our group as we were heading to Sorrento for the weekend. Not even six hours after leaving Rome, I found myself in my swimming trunks with my butt plopped half-a-foot deep in the warm black sands of the Amalfi Coast. The three hour boat rides as well as a couple of cold tropical beverages, seem to make this the fairy tale ending to what had been one of the most successful weeks of my life. Thank you Italy, for you have spoiled me far beyond limits that I thought were possible. 

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