Monday, June 23, 2014


AH: Cinque Terre was my absolute favorite place we have visited this trip. It was an amazing mix of hiking and being able to spend time on the beach all in the same day. We spent the majority of the morning hiking between three different towns, each one with their own personal differences. The first town we started our hike in was Corniglia. While walking up the hill all of the streets were surrounded by vineyards. They even had roller coaster looking machines to move their grapes up and down the steep hills. We walked through bamboo and other trees that were growing an orange foreign fruit to the next town which was Vernazza. It was a cute little town siting on its own peninsula into the ocean. The beach here was very rocky with no sand (something we are not used to in Texas). We kept hiking onto our third city, Monterosso. This was a more spread out beach, but still had no sand and was covered in rocks. We spent the day in the water staring out at the vast amounts of greenery growing on the mountains and it was a perfect day.

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