Sunday, June 22, 2014

Boboli Garden in Florence

     IH- On Thursday the 19th of June, our class ventured out yet again to the beautiful city of Florence. Apparently there is a lot more to see then just a large duomo and baptistry! We all went to visit a spectacular place called the Boboli Garden which was loaded with citrus plants and very large trees all creating a very ornate path throughout the area. The garden was owned by the Medici family whose house was the very entrance into the garden. It was incredible to see all things that went into making of the garden. In the back we saw a safe house that was walled off in case of an attack when the Medici family took residence. On one side of the garden we saw the Grotto which was made famous by Dan Brown's novels and on the other side of the garden we saw what is pictured above. It may look like a wall supporting water going down the middle of the crevices with heads at the end of each fall, but in fact was used for something else entirely. The little waterway was actually used to lure birds in then scare or trap them to the other side of the wall into a spider like web! Only the infamous Emily Banner thought of this waterway to be capable of such a contraption. It was definitely something I would never have thought of in a million years but I'm glad to have learned about something that I had no idea previously existed in a garden. I am very fortunate to have visited the Boboli Garden and to see the many beautiful wonders that reside within its walls!

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