Sunday, June 22, 2014

Agriturismo Lovin'

The second week we got to visit two different Agriturismos and they were both absolutely amazing! We learned that in order to be called an agriturismo you have to grow a certain percentage of your products that you use for the bed and breakfast. This was mind blowing to me because they put so much hard work and effort into growing their own products to keep their business running. I had been wondering for a while why olive oil was so pricey, even more so than the wine! But once we learned about the process it takes a lot more time and manual labor to produce than one might think. At one of the agriturismos we made pizza and that had to be my favorite part! Kneading the dough looked so easy when the lady showed us but I tried it and it was so much harder than it looks! The man that owned the place was also showing us the process and taught us how to make really cool designs out of the bread! We got to take our bread home and it was so yummy! The pizza was by far the best pizza I have ever had and we had chocolate cake after to top it off! This day was so much fun and an incredible experience! -MMH 

Me and my homemade dough!

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