Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Botanical Garden in Roma

                IH- So we all visited this awesome garden in the middle of Rome on the 12th of June and it was breathtaking. To see so many different varieties or species of plants was truly incredible. Every section of the garden had their own unique real estate where the plants would compliment their surroundings. Familiar settings such as gardens from Japan, China, and all parts of Europe were all easily identifiable in the garden because of the slides we learned about in class. As we got deeper in the garden, our professor pointed out this tree in the picture above called a "Quercus suber L." This tree's bark is actually the cork the Italians and many other countries use to bottle their many precious wines. It was so cool to see how the bark on the tree felt because it was like no other bark I have ever laid my hands upon before. Our teacher explained to us that once you remove the tree's bark, it will grow back and does no harm to the tree because technically its not the living part of the tree; so every few years the farmers can come back and take off the cork without ever harming these trees. After touring the garden I had a new outlook on plants as a whole. Seeing how beautiful it was to see the contrast of crowded, urban Rome compared to the quiet and tranquil garden on the other side of the wall. I am truly blessed to have gotten to experience the serenity within one of the busiest cities in Rome! I hope I get to experience even more beautiful gardens in the future like I did here. 

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