Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wine for days

We waited all wednesday morning for our lecture part of class to be over and to begin our walk to our first Wine tasting for Horticulture. The walk to the Agriturismo took around an hour but we didn't notice because it was so beautiful the entire way there! It seems that everywhere we go in Italy the scenery only gets better and better. There were beautiful wild flowers, purple trees, and baby christmas trees lining the streets. When we arrived at the Agriturismo we took a tour of all of the vineyards and gardens they had. There was everything from olive tress to potatoes and lettuce to merlot and chardonnay. It was a really cool experience to get to see first hand how all the food we eat everyday starts out. We also got to tour the rooms that had the barrels to hold the wine while it is fermented. Once we had finished looking at all aspects of the wine making process we went to the tasting room and all sat down together. They first brought out white wine with little plates of cheese and bruschetta. Next, they brought out a rosé wine and little pizzas. The came the red wine that was served with prosciutto. Finally they brought out a dessert wine with a little cup of pudding and biscotti. The dessert wine is served in what looks like a shot glass because it is so sweet and strong that you are only supposed to sip on it a little bit at a time.


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