Monday, June 30, 2014

Italy, You've Been So Good To Me

Well here we are. It is the last week of our study abroad and I have to say, it's be the best experience of my life. On the first day of horticulture, we had to say what our best trip has been and I had no idea at the time, so my answer was that it was going to be this study abroad. Boy, was I right. I've learned so much about the culture, the people, the TRAINS and just the overall lifestyle these past five weeks. I would not have traded this study abroad for any other. The horticulture and landscaping in this country is amazing. Everything just grows so well here. Everywhere I go, it all looks so luscious and well kept. In our video, one of the questions that was asked was why you chose Italy and all I could think about was the language and FOOD. Italian sounds so beautiful compared to other languages. At first I thought it sounded similar to Spanish but now that I've spent time here, I can definitely tell the difference. Now, the food is just always delicious. I have consumed quite the variety of cheeses, pastas and PIZZA. But Italy is more than just those two things. The history and artwork behind every building and statue dates back so far and there is so much to say about everything. I can't help but appreciate each tour guide for helping us all become aware of the many historical figures through the time periods. I've been taking notes throughout each field trip to help me keep track of the inspirational people and facts about each town. And I have noticed that from famous painters to the popes, everyone was so influential in Italy. This trip has also made me want to travel so much more. I'm looking forward to coming back in a year and experiencing it all over again with more knowledge about this country. Ciao for now, Italy! KLM

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