Monday, June 30, 2014

Here is a list...

A list of the things I'll miss..
1. GELATO. Ice cream shops everywhere you go.. It's heaven to me.
2. Good pizza. Cheap pizza. Pizza at restaurants. Pizza to go. Yum.
3. Cute Instagram-worthy alleyways everywhere you look.
4. Flowers decorating patios and windows and just everything!
5. Being able to walk everywhere.
6. Streets with just countless shops down them.
7. Fountains. Drinkable and non potable.
8. Sculptures everywhere you look!
9. Pretty plazas with people scattered about. (Piazza de popolo.. Piazza de Campo) 10. COBBLESTONE! It's hard to walk on, but oh so pretty.
11. Castle walls that block off most smaller towns.
12. PRETTY VIEWS. I will miss seeing the hills outside windows and from every high point in towns.
13. Nice Italians who know how to speak English.. Or at least try to
14. The good weather we had majority of the time.
15. Three course meals. Yummmmm.
16. Fresh fruit! Or just fresh anything! As much as I miss greasy food, the freshness here is so appreciated.
17. House Wine at dinner tables.
18. As much as trains did kinda get old, I'll miss not having to drive far distances on my own. And when they were comfortable, they really did possess the prettiest of views.
19. Heck, the fact that Italy has trains is something I'll miss too.
20. Vineyards and the oh so amazing wine!
21. Fresh CHEESE!
22. Farmers markets with the freshest of fruits. (Specifically kiwis and peaches!)
23. No wifi. I know it sounds silly, but I've always hated dinner tables where everyone's on their phones. It's nice getting used to that not happening.
24. Saying ciao and grazie.
25. Italian architecture - medieval, gothic, all of it. Even the just the architecture of houses around here. So simply beautiful.
26. Cappuccinos. Good cappuccinos.
27. Having real spices in my food! (Like basil, Rosemary, etc..)
28. Culture and history at every point in every town.
29. Pasta that's not just meat/tomato/Alfredo sauce. As much as I am slightly tired of it.. I know I'll miss it.
30. CHOCOLATE SALAMI. Don't leave meee!
31. Deliciously simple bread and salami sandwiches.
32. Tomatoes that I actually really want to eat
33. The absolutely enchanting palaces, churches, and basilicas we've visited.
34. The wonderful talks of room 11.
35. Cafe Sandy and how it was basically the McDonalds of Italy.
36. Italian Iceeee!
37. The accessibility of Nutella.
38. Kindercrem everywhereeeee
39. The beautiful bodies of water that run through and touch so much of Italy.
40. Exploring towns and being forced to find my way back.. Really teaches you to pay attention to your surroundings!

41. The fresh nature that was always around us. This is hard to explain, but it was always so easy to just go for a walk and be surrounded by trees or even just walk through a garden.
42. Castiglion Fiorentino, because it was the perfect small town for us to really experience italian culture, not to mention it's medieval feel.
43. The beaches of Cinque Terre.
44. The water canals of Venice.
45. 100% Gelato man and how much he reminded me of my Dad.
46. The kindhearted people at La Posta
47. Lombardini's unexpected jokes in class
48. Dr. Wilborn's passion for music
49. The friends I've made here!
50. The experiences and memories that will last me a lifetime.

Albeit, there are definitely some things I WON'T miss (paying for water at restaurants, paying to use the bathroom, walking the STEEP hills, etc...), I would still have to say that I will miss far more things, I'm sure this list doesn't even cover it all! It will probably grow once I'm back in the states and realize just how much I had while I was here.

I seriously would never trade this memory for a lifetime and will definitely go in my book as one of the best summers of my life... Heck, one of the best birthdays I'll have too! This study abroad has done exactly what I wanted it to do.. Introduce me to a country I've always been enamored with and taught me so many things about myself and my capabilities.

Italy Summer 2014, you will be oh, so, so, missed.


Christy Adkins '15

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