Monday, June 9, 2014

Pizza and Wine

AH: This past week has been very busy taking many different day trips. We started off the week going to a local agriturismo to learn how to make pizza. It was a very fun experience. The bread and pizza was very fresh. I learned that agriturismo’s have to grow and cook a good portion of their foods. This one served us their homemade olive oil and wine. We could also see in their backyard vegetables growing. Secondly, this week we walked 40 minutes to another local agriturismo that focused on using a natural process to grow grapes and vegetables.  Even the walk was enjoyable looking and learning about all the different flowers. They also had a bee farm to serve homemade honey. I learned that one olive tree only makes .2 liters of olive oil, this was very shocking to me. The high prices of olive oil are now acceptable to me. Lastly, we went to another winery while we were in Montepulciano that was bigger and more focused on producing a lot of wine. They used a newer technique of letting the wine breathe and release gases with a green tube at the top of the barrels. This whole week was such a great experience.


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