Monday, June 23, 2014

Vatican Garden and Boboli Garden

AH: We have visited two very impressive gardens in the past weeks in Italy. First we visited the Vatican garden. It was a beautiful experience taking a nice stroll through the streets, especially as a Catholic I was in awe about where I was. We stopped at different main spots, including fountains and the Pope's coat of arms that was created with different flowers. My favorite place was the rose garden.  I loved the arches here and the view we were able to get of the dome of Saint Peter's Basilica. Not only were the main spots interesting, we also walked by a palm tree that had another tree growing into it and papyrus trees (which is where paper comes from). Even though this was a beautiful area, based just on the garden alone I personally enjoyed the Boboli garden that we visited more. We were able to just go at the groups own pass and listen to random fun facts about the horticulture around us. It was cool to see the different fruits growing right on the potted plants and getting lost in the bushes that look like a maze. It is hard to imagine that people used to hunt animals right in this area though. I would definitely enjoy visiting both of these gardens again and spending more time in them.

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