Monday, June 23, 2014

Gardens and Mazes

This week we took a trip to Florence and visited the The Boboli Gardens. It was absolutely gorgeous! All of the different flower arrangements were stunning.  Everywhere we walked there were pops of color everywhere with a different flower arrangement every time I turned my head! It was so green and unlike anything I have ever seen in Texas! The hedges were trimmed and well kept creating path ways to lead you around the garden. The whole place was like a huge maze and I actually got lost in it but that is a whole other story. In the gardens we got to see the grotto where one of the famous parts from Dan Brown's Inferno was and it was so cool! From standing in one point of the gardens we got to see the most amazing view of the city and it was breath taking. I have seen multiple view of the city on this trip but this was by far the best. Not only did they have flowers but they had different fruits and vegetables including lemons. Lemons are very important to Italy because without it they wouldn't be able to make their signature drink limoncello! This week in class we actually learned how to make limoncello and I cant wait to put my experiment to the test! -MMH

typical selfie with the lemons

our beautiful view of Florence

colorful hydrangeas!

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