Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Agriturismos in the Afternoon are Oh-So-Wonderful

Alexis M: A little behind on my blogging, but two weeks ago we were introduced to agriturismos! They are basically bed & breakfasts where people can stay for weeks at a time and buy wine or various food products.

We walked to two different ones but I especially enjoyed the second one. It was about a 45 minute walk there and we started off by eating little appetizers, including crackers and bruschetta, when we arrived. The owners then took us to their "backyard," which was not even CLOSE to our idea of a backyard because it was so unbelievable beautiful.

One of the owners demonstrated everything right in front of us from there. We learned how to make our own bread and also our own pizza! We had the choice to either roll up our bread or make it into a flower. I ended up turning mine into a flower. We then all made one margherita pizza, one sausage, and one pepperoni! It was so, so much fun. The pizza turned out great, the weather was fabulous, and the chocolate cake for dessert even better.
Our flower bread!
Our dinner table!
Pizza-making has definitely been one of my favorite memories so far on this trip! I'm so glad we had the opportunity. Ciao for now!

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