Monday, June 23, 2014

Rome & The Vatican

Just the other week, I had some of the best experiences I have had while in this amazing country! Rome was most definitely the New York City of Italy. I honestly have never seen so many Vespa’s zooming by and coming SO close to what I thought was their last ride. Anywho, my favorite part of Rome had to be Vatican City. St. Peter’s Basilica was something more than breathtaking and a view that a camera could not capture no matter what angle I had.

After I was done seeing all I could in the Vatican, I had the opportunity to go to mass there. Although I could not really understand what was being said, I still knew what was going on since I go to church back at home. The music being played from the organ and the atmosphere was something I will never forget. The day before we left, I went to visit the steps that Jesus was said to have walked on the day before his crucifixion. The steps belonged to Pontius Pilate’s and were later moved to Rome in the church that they reside in now. The most interesting thing about them was that you could only climb all 28 steps on your knees.
It was safe to say that my time in Rome was very heartwarming and somewhat religious. I loved every moment of it.

JM signing out, Love Moe.

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