Friday, June 27, 2014

Wine-Tasting Round II

On a toasty afternoon in Montepulciano, our group experienced our second wine-tasting event.  Our guide, a delightful British woman, took us through wine cellars where we saw giant barrels of wine, some valued at 35,000 euro.  The cellars were cold and damp and obviously ancient, also very dungeon-esque.  The staircases on which we descended were also featured in the New Moon movie, an obvious point of excitement. 

We then went to a large dining room with place settings set with four wine glasses.  Two glasses were of the same size, one was a bit larger, and one was very small.  We snacked on bread, cheese, and cuts of ham while our host explained the different types of wine we would be sampling.  He poured us three different red wines, showed us how to look at the wine’s color through the glass, how we should savor the wine in our mouths before swallowing, and what cheeses went best with which wines. 

The oldest wine was my favorite.  It had been aged since 2007 and was served in the largest wine glass to increase the surface area.  We ended with a dessert wine and pieces of delicious chocolate. 

The sentiment often expressed these days among us students is a new-found appreciation for wine.  Many of us barely tolerated it before this trip, but we are glad to now appreciate the various tastes and types and are starting to develop our own preferences.

-Macy Hicks

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