Sunday, June 1, 2014

First Week of the Trip

It has officially been a week since we arrived in Castiglion Fiorentino.  We have gone to visit many different cities in the area including Cortona, Florence, Arezzo, and Orvieto.  All of them have been absolutely beautiful and I have learned so many new things since getting here.  We have been able to experience many of the cultural occurrences that happen here including seeing a new mayor voted in and a train strike.

The food here has been incredible, especially all the fresh fruit.  We have been served fresh fruit at almost every meal and were able to go to the open market on Friday.  At the market, we were able to try many of the fruits that are grown locally and could taste the difference between the fresh fruits here as opposed to what we eat back home.  On Tuesday, we went on a tour of the garden near the town with Dr. Lombardini.  We learned about some of the fruit that they grow here and also about the history of the olive trees at the garden.  I have also noticed how important plants are here in Italy.  Everywhere I go, I see different flowers or fruit producing plants, whether it is on the sides of the roads or in the locals' backyards.

I am looking forward to these next few weeks to come and learning more about the culture and history of Italy!

Bethany Kennedy


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