Sunday, June 10, 2012

Views from the Top of Bardini Garden

SJ: This week we went to Florence and visited both the Boboli Garden and the Bardini garden. We were exhausted after we finally made the long climb up to the top of the Bardini garden. But it was worth the hike, because from the top of the garden we could see all of Florence and the red-orange tiled roof tops. The only way down from the garden was through a tunnel-like trellis woven with Wisteria vines. The Wisteria, a climbing vine, had curled around the wires of the trellis filling in the open areas in the metal structure, but the gaps in the vines and leaves still allowed for glimpses of the city Even though the Wisteria was not blooming with its many purple blooms shaped like clusters of grapes, the shade that was provided kept the passage much cooler than the open paths and was a wonderful ending to our tours of Florence's gardens.

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