Friday, June 29, 2012

… And That’s A Wrap!

The students from the International Horticulture class. First row, from left: Haley, Lauren, Susan, Emily, Kate, Abi, Angela. Second row left: Allison, Bryan, Heather, Page, Annalise, Dr. Leo, Melissa, Meredith, Hailey, Courtney, Michael, Sarah.

This is the closing post on the “Aggie Horticulture Goes to Italy” blog. I have to say that I could not be prouder of the wonderful 18 Aggies who meticulously and methodically posted their 90 (yes, ninety!) cultural and horticultural impressions of this Study Abroad course on this blog. I have heard that the number of followers of this blog has grown during these five weeks and I have received great comments about it. So, thank you for doing such a phenomenal job! 

I hope that you will always carry the memories and of this trip and this course (and I am sure the thousands of photos taken will facilitate that) and that the friendships you have made will last forever.
I also hope that this study abroad experience has taught you a lot about my country and that this course has made you more sensitive to the beauty of plants and more aware of the importance that they had in our past, still have in our present, and obviously will have in the future. If I have succeeded with that, than I can say that I have accomplished my goal.
Before closing this experience, I owe a big thank you to Marissa Faris, Experiential Learning Coordinator of the Department of Horticultural Sciences, for setting up the blog and to Katie Marek, Senior Academic Advisor also in the Department of Horticultural Sciences, for kicking off the blog posting and assisting with the initial part of the trip. And of course, all we did could not have happened without the help of the fantastic help of Sharon Jones and Garnette Gott and the entire staff of the Santa Chiara Study Center.
Alla prossima opportunità (until the next opportunity) and Gig’ em,

Leo Lombardini, Associate Professor
Department of Horticultural Sciences
Texas A&M University

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  1. Great job, Italy bloggers! We've enjoyed following along from afar. Safe travels :)


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