Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eye Opening Experience

AL: This past week we had a lecture titled Horticulture in Art. I really enjoyed this particular lecture because it fused both of the classes we are taking here at the center, Art and Horticulture. When I first saw the topic of the lecture I did not know how the two subjects would coincide. Little did I know that horticulture has played a large role in art. We have been to so many museums and churches that house frescos and paintings with elements of horticulture in them, but to be honest I had no recognition of it. Looking back at the paintings now I am starting to take note of how flowers, fruit, or vegetables can influence paintings.  One particular artist that I thought was really interesting was Giuseppe Arcimboldo. He took horticulture and art to the extreme. Above is a painting that was done by him, which is named Spring. He stood out to me because of the creativity that went in to his portraits, especially because they look so real. On this trip I have been constantly amazed at how much I am learning and how much I have been oblivious too. Things such as horticulture influencing art never occurred to me but know I can see how so many aspects of life intertwine even when you least expect it. 

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