Friday, June 22, 2012

A Day of Playing in the Dirt


AJ: The Aggie spirit of service never ceases to amaze me.  5000 miles away from Aggieland, and a group of students selflessly gave up a free afternoon in Italy to do manual labor.  At 5 o'clock a group of the Horticulture students met in the courtyard to find shearers, pruners, and shovels awaiting them.  And with a smile ever person grabbed a tool and began a tedious process of helping clean up the gardens behind the Santa Chiara Study Center.  We learned of invasive plant species that Italy faces, proper pruning techniques, and tried to identify every pest found, from fungi to weeds.  With every drop of sweat that was put in, there were many laughs heard as well.  After several hours of hard work, compliments of "Brava!" echoed from the kitchen were the Santa Chiara staff stood and appreciatively took in our handy work.  I know that we all feel accomplished and love the fact the our mark has been left in Castiglion in our own unique way, with plants.


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