Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fun day in Arezzo


Yesterday a few of us went to Arezzo for the day. We spent a wonderful time walking around and as we ventured away from the square we stumbled upon a local park.  I think it was the Bosco di Sargiano Park. There was a nice shaded area we strolled through and then found this tree featured in the picture above which to climb. It was so beautiful there and the shade was comforting when compared to the scorching sun we have had the past couple days.
            After we strolled the streets, we came across a store selling jams, fruit preserves, dried meats and fresh cheeses. Something that had always confused me was the difference between jams and fruit preserves. Jams are made with the whole fruit and are usually crushed but contain fruit pulp. Fruit preserves have huge chunks of fruit in them preserved in gelled syrup. Marmalade was also introduced. It is a type of fruit preserve thought to have been created in 1561 by a physician for the Queen of Scots to keep her sickness at bay by crushing sugar and orange together. In both jam and preserves, the amount of sugar added varies according to the ripeness of the fruit. At 104 degrees the acid and the pectin react with sugar and the jam can then cool.  Jams and preserves were first made in the Middle East because cane sugar was grown here naturally.  Pretty neat!!

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