Thursday, June 7, 2012

The fruit of the Boboli Gardens

SS: One of my favorite things about Italy so far is all the fruit that is being grown. We went to the Boboli gardens and as we were walking along the trail we spotted the small strawberries in the picture above. One student even tried them and said they had a pretty good taste! We walked a little further and saw blackberry leaves! I was walking out of the gardens and saw oranges being grown against a fence. They are grown against the fence so they retain more heat. Citrus trees are very popular in Italy. Italians have been cultivating lemons are ages, since the time of the Romans. Lemons trees are so abundant thanks to the ground which has alternating layers of tufo and limestone. The mediterranean climate makes it idea for these trees to flourish. Cherry trees are also very popular in Italy, especially the Morello. One important thing to note about cherry trees is that they should never be pruned in the winter because that is when the fungal spores are in the air. Fig trees are very prominent as well here in Italy. They thrive in sunlight and are very low maintance. They don't require much pruning or spraying which is very convenient!

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