Thursday, June 7, 2012

Boboli Fruit

BG:  This week, as you can probably already tell from the other posts, we went to the beautiful Boboli Gardens.  This 100 acre garden is a classic example of an Italian garden that is located in Florence.  Although there are many amazing flowers, plants and trees to see at the Boboli Gardens, one thing I drew interest to was two different kinds of fruit, wild strawberries and oranges.  There were only a few areas in the garden where you could find these two things.  We were walking to the top of the garden when Professor Lombardini stopped the group to look at some wild strawberries. When I heard there were strawberries I was expecting the big ones that they sell at the markets throughout the streets of Italy, shows how little my previous knowledge of horticulture is.  They were actually very tiny, but some students got to taste them and from what I could tell they were still very good. With the oranges, there are only a few places where they could properly grow, because of what they need to properly grow.  Back then oranges were actually a sign of wealth, and were found before you walk into the Grotto.  Not only was the scenery of the gardens amazing, but also the views of Florence from the gardens were the best views of the city we have seen yet. 

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