Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pax Et Bonum

EV:  On Wednesday, our group got to take a short bus ride to visit the famous town of Assisi to visit the great basilica of St. Francis, a place that belongs to the state of the Vatican, which is very interesting.  Along this charming little town was shop after shop of olive wood souvenirs, beautifully crafted ceramics, and the typical “Italia” t-shirts.  One of the most interesting things about these shops were the crosses that were being sold in them.  These crosses ranged from every size and could be hung up on the wall or strung on string to wear as a necklace, but the most interesting thing about these crosses were their “T” shape.  It turns out that these crosses are the real representation of the cross that Jesus was crucified on, in its original shape and became a symbol of St. Francis.  One particular representation of this cross was shaped into a hedged bush along a hill, right outside of the church, along with the word “PAX.”  This stands for “pax et bonum” which is the traditional Franciscan greeting meaning “peace and all good be with you.”  I thought this was a really neat way of representing something so precious to the little town in a form of horticulture that is unique and memorable.

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