Thursday, June 28, 2012

Parterre In Assisi

LR: One of the last places that we traveled to as a group was a beautiful little town named Assisi. (When I say little, I mean in regards to Rome and Florence.) While we were in Assisi, we met up with our tour guide and were taken around the town to enjoy the rich history this town is known for. We ran into public ancient fountains that the women would do their laundry in and some very interesting artwork on a ceiling that led to the town brothel. We ended the day with the Saint Frances Basilica which is technically property of the Vatican, not the town of Assisi. In front of this famous church where Saint Frances is buried, there is a large area of grass. In the grass are bushes trimmed to make the shape a of a T. Throughout the town, I would find necklaces with T's on them. I was confused as to what they meant, obviously a very important aspect of the town. After our tour guide explained it to us, it all made sense. The T was the symbol of the cross. The bushes that made this artwork in the grass is called a parterre. A parterre is a French term and is a characteristic of a French gardens. It was beautiful and added so much to the beautiful garden.

After studying horticulture on this trip, I have gained a greater appreciation for the beauty of plant life throughout the world. I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this trip and can't believe that it is almost time to return to Texas!!

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