Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hydrageas Overtaking Italy

HCL: In Capri, we came across a beautiful shrub of hydrangeas. I thought there was no way they could not be real but, sure enough, as we came closer we realized the magnificent natural beautify of the tree looking plant. Allison and I called it our Christmas tree in June because of all the striking colors. I was taken back by the structure they had formed with the many plants to make it look larger then a normal hydrangea plant could possibly grow. The gardener must have had much skill in hiding his container and materials to make it stay. That is one of the number one rules in floral design. After seeing that shrub, I was surprised by all the hydrangeas I saw in different towns. Wondering how they could flourish in so many different areas of Italy, I searched online for my answer. 

Hydrangeas grow in moist soil and but can grow in hot climates as long as they are planted in the shade. The intensity of the color is based on the pH of the soil. Because the plant’s colors (first picture) are very intense, we know the pH of the soil is more acidic. I found many of these plants in the Boboli gardens which was no where close to the ocean. Also in the Boboli gardens, I found a hydrangea that had only a few petals (as you can see in the second picture) instead of the full round petals. They were so interesting and quite beautiful with their petals fluttering alone in the wind. They were my favorite plants of the whole trip, especially with all their different colors and always so full of life. 

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