Monday, June 18, 2012

Not Your Normal Sized Lemon

AL: Last Monday, we all traveled to Rome. We spent three days there touring the city. Luckily, only a short walk from our hotel was a fruit in vegetable market that opened every day to sell produce. I found myself exploring the market on multiple occasions usually to get a piece of fruit in the mornings for breakfast. While walking through the market one day I noticed an unusually large yellow lemon. I have never seen lemons so big in my entire life, let alone did I know that they existed. After doing some research I learned that these gigantic lemons are actually citrons, and are mostly used for show. The large bumpy lemons are more pulpier rather than juicy and are most commonly used to make marmalade. When we traveled to Capri this weekend I saw many more large lemons because limoncello (a candy like liquor made with lemons) originated in Capri. I found out that "sfusato sorrentino" lemons, which are only grown in Sorrento, and the "sfusato amalfitano" lemons are used to make sweets such as limoncello because of their size. Fortunately, I got to try an icee made with these lemons. It was the perfect treat for a hot summer day.  

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