Monday, June 18, 2012

Garden in Capri

HCL: This week was the most hectic and yet the most fascinating and wonderful of all the weeks. We started in Rome from Monday-Wednesday and then Pompei on Thursday and finally our weekend trip to Sorrento/Capri Friday through Sunday. In Rome, there were flowers in paintings and we had a private tour of the Pope’s gardens, which was my favorite part. But, what I really wanted the students in America to know is about our weekend trip we took after Rome. Beautiful can’t even begin to describe the scenery we saw that weekend. Sorrento was laid back and we chilled on the beach all day but the next day we took a trip to Capri and got a full tour of the island.

One of the most beautiful areas was the garden in Capri created by a German man named Alfred Krupp. Germany did not like him because he was homosexual but the people of Capri loved him for his money so Krupp created a magnificent garden in Capri for his own enjoyment. When he became older, he moved back to Germany but left his private garden to the people of Capri so now it is open for the public to enjoy. Because the name was not Italian enough, it was changed to the Augusto gardens, which it is still known as today. As you can see from the first picture above, lots of colors are used in the garden and it is not a typical Italian garden because things are not orderly and symmetrical. Even the ocean can be seen from the same picture and some of the most beautiful ocean views can be observed from the garden. 

Later that day we traveled up the gondola to the highest point on the island and looked over every inch of Capri. Wild flowers can be seen in our picture overlooking the island and down to the harbor. The flower is called yellow sorrel and can be found on many of the picturesque country sides in Italy. It really was the most spectacular trip. But don’t worry, we made time for hanging out and at the end of the day we enjoyed a light swim in the ocean and a climb to the top of our isolated rock. It was a trip I will absolutely never forget.

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