Saturday, June 8, 2013

When Italy gives you lemons, make Limoncello.

Ciao from Sorrento!

Today we took the early flight to Napoli, and arrived in Sorrento just in time for lunch.  We enjoyed our first bites of true Italian pizza on the patio outside of our hotel. The weather was perfect, and the view was even better. Once we were done most of us parted ways to check out the area.  I walked around a few shops and almost every store sold some form of Limoncello. Recently, I learned that Sorrento is very famous for it's production of Limoncello.  Why? Well, they have tons of lemon production.  Try to imagine lemons in the United States, but the size of your head. These lemons don't mess around, they are huge! Okay, so what is Limoncello, you may be asking yourself. Limoncello is mostly served cold in a frosted small glass, and after a meal as a digestive citrusy drink.  It is made by gathering some lemon rinds, 100-proof alcohol, sugar, and water.

The lemons here grow much larger than in the States because of the perfect soil mixture in which these lemons are propagated.  Not only does the soil provide an ideal cultivation of lemon trees, but it also gives the lemons a sweeter taste as opposed to the tart taste we're accustomed to.

Overall, Limoncello seems like a very interesting, and creative use of their abundant supply of lemons. I really enjoyed seeing the vast products stores provided, and their creativity when it came to advertisement!

-Jenna Rios

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