Monday, June 10, 2013

Pistachio Growing and Processing

I found it very hard to believe that I was in Italy when I woke up this morning. That all changed when we were driving to our first tour and we saw a sheep herder and his sheep walking down the middle of the small road. Our first stop was a pistachio growing and processing plant in Bronte, which is an area of Sicily.  It was very gorgeous, since we stood outside while the tour guide told us of the history of the pistachio and how it is harvested, I could already feel my shoulders starting to burn which probably was not a good sign. I really enjoyed hearing about how the producers started growing the tree before World War II began. When the pistachios are white they are ready to be harvested. It was very interesting that only roasted pistachios are used for the paste and is used in gelato. I was very surprised that I liked the pistachio gelato and the bread with pistachio and pesto. I also found it fascinating that every family in Bronte has pistachio trees and Bronte has about 7,000 acres of pistachio trees.

 -Kimberly Oyler


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