Sunday, June 23, 2013

All in All

When it comes to nature, Italians love the land they inhabit and that which it produces for them. Walking around Rome today, i witnessed many a fresh made pizza covered in veggies from local farms nearby alongside flower pots and gardens abundant with plant life.  They are lovers of all that is wondrous in nature.  For example, Italians love food.  Not just food in general, but food that is real. Food which is organic and has been payed the utmost attention throughout growing and production.  Whether it be in the wine they produce or the toppings on a pizza, the Italians are very consciencious of what they put in their mouths.  This attention leads to some of the best food on Earth. There is something to be learned from the Italian's love of food. Especially that which can be produced in a garden.  Speaking of gardens, that is another highlight of Rome.  Myself and several of the girls explored a garden near the Medici Roman villa. This garden was not any discernable style, but rather that of an ordinary strolling city park. Lawns, gravel walkways, and a plethora of plant and tree life cover the landscape. Naturally forming to the undulation of the hilltop overlooking Rome, this garden captured quite simple beauty and backsplashed it with a magnificent overlook of the Roman skyline. One of the perfect biews to end our trip on.

Our trip is coming to and end, and what an adventure it was. I have gained several new friends and experiences i will remember for a lifetime.

- J. Langford

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