Monday, June 10, 2013

Honey Company

Italy has been amazing and very different to what I am used to. The food is really different. Our stop today was to a family run honey company. The family started the company 1986. I found it very interesting that it takes eight hours to produce three tons of honey and it only takes two workers. The bees pollinate many different plants. I wish that they had talked about the flower types a little bit more but that is ok I am sure that I will see many of the plants that we learned about in the coming days. The plants that the bees pollinate are:
·         -- Citrus
·         -- Lemon
·        --  Orange
·        --  Legumes (wild flowers)
·         -- Eucalyptus
·         -- Multi flowers 
      -- chestnut

After the tour we were able to try the honey and all of it was very good. This trip has just been so amazing. I can’t wait until the coming days of the trip.

-Kimberly Oyler

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