Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pine Nuts in Rome!

We have finally made it to the beautiful city of Rome! The size of this city is absolutely incredible. The streets are filled with locals and tons of tourists as well. We only have three days here so we will definitely be rushing through the city trying to do as much as we can in this short amount of time!

We started off with a tour of the Colosseum, the forum, and the Pantheon. We had to walk so incredibly fast to keep up with our tour guide, Rich! We all really enjoyed all of the knowledge he had offer and interesting facts about each of the sites that we visited. I wish he could have been with us the entire trip!

After a long day of walking, we walked by a little bakery near our hotel that sold bread and all sorts of pastries. Millie told us to try these pine nut cookies, which were her favorite when she lived in Rome. They were absolutely delicious! The cookies were very fresh and they had the pine nuts on top of them. As we learned in class, it takes three whole summers for the pine cone to form. The seeds are then taken out of the pine cone and used for baking or other things. The pine nuts in Italy definitely have a different taste about them compared to the ones that are in the United States. I thought they were much better! I wish we could have a bakery in Texas that baked those cookies. I will definitely miss this little treat!

-Hannah Auer

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