Friday, June 14, 2013

Boboli Gardens, the greatest gift of all.

Ciao from Firenze!

We have a full day of tours and seeing the wonderful city of Firenze.  Rich in art and culture, Firenze, in my opinion, is just wonderful.  The Duomo towered over us, displaying intricate works of art in every inch of its structure.  While it was nice to tour the city, we began our journey to the Boboli Gardens. Judging by the structure in the entrance of the garden, it seemed mundane compared to what lied behind.  We passed under the second arch and into a lovely view of hedges as far as the eye could see. We walked further and further until we ran into intricate designs of neatly trimmed hedges, and statues that must have been centuries old.  We came to several forks in the road, and deciding which way to go was probably my biggest dilemma. We continued to the second tier of the garden to a statue of Poseidon yielding his trident. The artist who constructed Poseidon was showing off his impeccable skills to capture movement within a still object.  Trying to cool off, we made our ascent to the top of the garden.  At the top we had the privilege of the best panoramic view of Firenze. Although the gardens weren't as lively because of the high heat, the view was still incredible and the designs within the garden were still present.  In my opinion, the neatest fact about this garden is that 
Cosimo I de´ Medici presented this to his wife Eleonora di Toledo, as an anniversary gift. Later they decided they would use this area to build one of many of their palaces. Oh, to be a Medici.

-Jenna Rios


At the top.

Beautiful designs.

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