Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Italian Countryside

Being here in Italy has been phenomenal. The countryside is so beautiful; you have to see it to believe how beautiful it really is. The movies that are filmed here do not do the countryside justice either. When we first stepped off the plane in Catania, and all over the rest of the country, I was amazed at how many trees that I recognized. There are Italian Cypress, Austrian Pine, and Norfolk Island Pine that we learned about in class, as well as many more. Everything is so green here that it is such a change from the brown and the lack of trees of west Texas that I am used to seeing. Even the flowers are deeper with color here. I love seeing the fields full of flowers and the trees in the background. The flowers and trees are what make the country what it is, as well as the history behind each little city that is in this great country. Seeing everything in person instead of just in the movies or pictures is so much better. There is just a beauty that is indescribable. I can’t believe that this amazing trip is almost over. It feels like we just arrived in Italy. This entire trip has been the best adventure that I have ever been on.

Kimberly Oyler

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