Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lemons Are a BIG Deal Around Amalfi

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but in the category of lemons, the Italians have us beat.  In the region around Naples and along the Amalfi coast, the lemons can grow to near the size of cantaloupes!  The lemon can trace its genetic history back to China and is believed  to have been brought west by trade well over a thousand years ago.  Seeing as how the lemon could be produced successfully in this region, the locals set about cultivating it with a fervor and today, it seems the lemons here are doing just fine in a land that is not native to them.  This variety is named the Sorrento lemon after the city of Sorrento in the region. These mega fruit are a product of the rich soil in the region and the overall pleasant climate.  It may seem like these fruit have been injected with some form of steroid, but it is really strange to hear that these lemons have been produced without the help of unnatural fertilizer or any other growth enhancer.  Harvested in the region year round, these lemons count for a large part of the lemon production in Italy being used for both table lemons and a liqueur named Limoncello, both of which are being consumed around the world.  One could say that the lemons here in Italy are most assuredly a BIG deal!  When it comes to lemon production, the Italians are definitely doing something right!

- John Langford

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