Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Boboli Gardens

Walking into the Boboli Gardens, I remembered learning about it in class. The garden really seemed to come alive for me. It was as if my imagination was coming to life and I could see it the way it was when the garden was just used for the family and gatherings. I really enjoyed seeing the garden. The garden had so many different influences that we had learned in class and I liked seeing them in person. The garden had 3D elements in the boxwoods which also had bilateral shapes to them and The Neptune Fountain up a set of stairs. Most of the garden was greenery but had a few flowers at the top of the hill. Even though many of the flowers were past their prime in the garden, there were still a few in bloom. The flowers that were still blooming were gorgeous. It is amazing that the artists that designed the gardens had such an imagination to dream up the design for the specific details of each part of the garden. Walking through the garden I was in awe of how intricate all of the trees, boxwood and flowers were placed in their place. The garden had been a gift for one of the wives in the Medici family. We kept joking that when they had an argument that one of them would go into the garden to cool off. Being in Italy is just a dream come true for me. I have seen so many things that I can’t believe that I am able to see. We have one week left. This place with the views and the people is amazing.
Kimberly Oyler

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