Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ancient Rome

We  finally made it to Rome! Our first stop was to meet our awesome tour guide Rich at the Colosseum.  Thankfully he talks and walks very fast became we had so much to see! It was incredible to be in the presence of this amazing structure that was completed in 80 AD.  It has been damage by earthquakes, and from people harvesting the stone it is built out of.  However,  the Colosseum still remains an iconic attraction in Rome.  Rich described that the Collesesum was used for contests - man versus man, man versus beast, and beast versus beasts.  Re-enactments of famous battles, and many other public spectacles also took place here.  The views from outside and inside the Colleseum are incredible, and it is so easy to picture how things may have looked so long ago. 
Casa delle Vestali

After the Collesum we walked to the Roman Forum where many of the oldest and most important structures of ancient Rome were located.  All of us were picturing how the buildings must have looked back then.  The earliest shrines and temples are located here.  One of which is the Temple of Vesta.  The complex of the Vestal Virgins is located in the Forum as well.  Vesta is the virgin goddess of home and family in the Roman religion.  The Vestal Virgins were priestesses of Vesta, and had ranks in the government.  

Casa delle Vestali

Rich taught us about so much during our time at the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, but it would take ages to fully explore the ruins of ancient Rome in its entirety.  It is truly incredible how much history can be absorbed in this amazing place!

 - Emily Darling 

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