Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption

Our last day trip as a group was to the beautiful town of Siena. Even with a population of around 50,000, the town still felt small. I love when you don't constantly feel like you are around tourists. Siena had many fun things to offer such as the market, a university, but also the most famous palio races. Next weekend the horse races start and we were able to see them setting up for this event. I wish we were here a little longer to see this cultural experience.
The thing from Siena that caught my eye the most was the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption. After seeing a countless number of churches while studying in Italy I had began to not appreciate there beauty, but with this cathedral that was impossible. From the outside it was grand and ornate, like all of the cathedrals here in Italy. The difference was when you walked inside.
This church was constructed in 1215 under the architect Giovanni di Agostino. This church was built under the medieval style. The most beautiful feature of the cathedral is the black and white alternating marble used inside. The black and white was used to represent the Siena coat of arms.
This design aspect is striking to the eye and leaves the viewers in awe. I love how this was my last and favorite cathedral to visit from my trip in Italy.

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