Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Walk To Remember (La Pievuccia)

Not but a couple days ago, while walking down the back roads of Castiglion Fiorentino and then into the countryside that spans the empty valley between our temporary home and Cortona, I couldn’t help but think of how much we take walking for granted. It is such a simple motion, one that our bodies somewhat unconsciously perform every day. Yet walking, however mundane, is freeing. By our two legs moving, even at the slowest pace, we are allowed to travel both menial and great distances. We are self-sustainable because we can walk. We don’t need artificial help, cars, motorcycles, bikes, not really. We have two perfectly organic, homegrown appendages that only grow stronger with use. If all else fails, we could make it, because as long blood pumps through our legs, we can walk. How lucky are we?

La Pieveccia grounds
        This thought, on this particular day, turned out to be entirely fitting seeing as we were headed to a sustainable farm and winery just outside of town. At the time all I knew was that I would be drinking wine and eating some sure to be amazing snacks. I had no clue I would soon be even more enlightened to the beauty surrounding the idea of nature working in pure form, the way it was intended.
Riccardo Papini
            Riccardo Papini, whose family has owned and operated the place since it’s beginning in 1930, showed us around. He told us all about how the farm and winery, La Pievuccia, strives to create as natural an environment to grow its products as possible. The farm doubles as a reliable seller of certified organic goods as well as an agriturismo, a place for persons from all over the world to stay and to learn about their traditions. They produce all of their wine without the use of unnatural chemicals. They also recycle their old organic matter into compost, which promotes the health and vitalization of the plants they grow. They even go so far as to use solar panels for all of their energy, and seaweed to fight forms of fungus. They respect the basics, the classics, and nature.

La Pievuccia wine
Furthermore, they promote a minimalistic approach when it comes to not only the plants, but the soil as well.  They insist on trusting in unprocessed, additive-free, soils to create wines that are effortless as well as timeless. And after tasting their exquisite wines myself, I couldn’t agree more with their practices. If all else fails, they would make it, because they don’t need artificial help, as long as the sun still shines, they can grow. Once again, is a stunning and unparalleled notion to be self-sufficient.

Kaylee Platz-Panico

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