Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Herbs in the Garden

All throughout Italy, horticulture has an influential presence in everything. It can be observed in architecture, painting, and my personal favorite, food. The Italians love their food and take it seriously. Their high quality standards are justified because the food is delicious. 
As we’ve been exploring Italy with our tour guide, Giovanni, he keeps reiterating the fact that everyone who lives here has his or her own garden. Rather than going to the market, the people in the more rural cities have backyard and windowsill gardens and in which they grow all of their vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Even the very idea of keeping one’s own garden would be so foreign to people back in the States. The tradition of these gardens can be traced back for centuries. With all of the architecture from the Renaissance and the Baroque time periods, it is easy to feel transported back in time when everyone nurtured their own gardens and lived off of the land. A great amount of the most well known herbs grow innately and profusely along the Italian countryside and are an essential part of the cuisine.  The most prominent herbs used are Oregano (Origano), Parsley (Prezzemolo), Bay Leaves (Alloro), Basil (Basilico), Sage (Salve), Rosemary (Rosmarino), and Thyme (Timo). They play such a crucial role the preparation of all types of food in Italy. It’s ridiculous to think of Italian food without using their cherished herbs


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