Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sycamore Trees

Today we went to the Boboli Gardens in Florence. Here we saw many different species of plants. Everything from ivy and trees to flowering plants and shrubs. The gardens were absolutely beautiful.

One tree at the gardens that specifically caught my eye was the Sycamore. There was a beautiful walk way that was lined with gorgeous, mature sycamore trees. In my life I had heard of this type of tree, but can't recall actually seeing one. They are most commonly found in the South Eastern part of America. Even though they are native to the area I'm from I had still never seen one so large.
Before researching I thought it was such an interesting choice to choose Sycamores to line the walk way. I usually see a type of oak or even cypress trees here in Italy serving that purpose. After I researched more on the Sycamore trees use I found that they are most commonly used as shade trees and that they are also good for big city environments. It now clearly makes sense as to why this type of tree was chosen, and why it is still holding up as well as it is.


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