Sunday, June 7, 2015

Holla for Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas seem to be one of the most prevalent species of flowers in Italy. The temperate climate is perfect for them! While it gets too hot for them to grow in Texas, the mild Italian weather keeps them beautiful even into early summer. Throughout our travels so far, we've seen both hydrangeas being grown in pots, and also grown as large bushes in gardens. The potted method seems the most popular though, and I think it's because the pots allow people to have a larger variety of plants in their small terrace or patio gardens. There's even a few pots of them in the patio garden at Santa Chiara (though they aren't in full bloom yet).

On our most recent visit to Florence, Dr. Starman took us to a botanical garden that had probably ten different varieties of hydrangeas. I was in love! My favorite was a bush with dark pink blooms, because it is the most similar to a bush that we have at my parent's house in Jacksonville, Florida. Seeing plants that are grown in the USA growing in Italy is one of my favorite parts of our horticultural adventures. I think it's so amazing to see plants that I have grown up with growing in gardens halfway across the world.
-Meredith Lucas

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