Monday, June 22, 2015

The Colors of Burano

On Sunday, June 21st I visited two islands in the Venetian Lagoon. The first island we stopped at was Murano, the place famous for hand blown glass. After this we took the water bus over to the next island which was Burano. This island is known for two things, lace making and the colorful homes.
When we pulled up to the dock at Burano we all were in complete shock with how beautiful this town was. The homes were all brightly colored and every corner you turned you felt the need to take a photo. The colors made this small town have such a happy and joyful vibe.
This island is thought to have been discovered by the Romans in the 6th century. Unlike the surrounding islands, Burano didn't have a specialty that set them apart from the other areas. Until the 16th century when women were introduced making lace with needles by the ruler of Venice, Cyprus. The lace making decline in the 18h century and picked back up in 1872.
Now most people travel to Burano for the brightly colored homes. An interesting fact about Burano is that in order to paint your home a color you must send in that color to the government and it must be approved.

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